Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) The Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) is an independent, non-profit youth organization serving the community of Hillsborough, NJ since 1955.
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The following rules for requesting the use of fields have been established and are effective immediately:


1. HBL has defined the “teams” making requests into three categories & the rules regarding field requests for those categories are as follows::Verdana


a) HBL Sponsored or League Teams: HBL Tournament or In-Town Teams

  • All HBL Spring Tournament Teams should send their Spring Schedule (Home and Away) games to schedule   by April 1st.  Change to the schedule should be submitted by using the Field Request Form. 

  • Limit for additional field requests per week:   4

  • Can be as far out as eight (8) weeks from date received

  • Best Available (incl. Complex)

b) HBL Member Teams:  Greater than 75% of the roster is made up of players registered  & playing for an HBL In-Town Team during the 2013 HBL Season

  • Limit for field requests per week:  4 

  • Can be no further out than four (4) weeks from date received

  • Best Available (incl. Complex)

c) Non-HBL Member Teams :  Less than 75% of the roster is made up of players registered with & playing for, an HBL In-Town Team during the 2013 HBL Season

  • Limit for field requests per week:   4

  • Can be no further out than 14 days from date received

  • Best Available (incl. Complex)

Note: A "week" is considered the calendar days of Sunday through Saturday.

2.  HBL requires that all teams (except HBL Travel & In-Town Teams) register their rosters on the HBL site so it can be reviewed and placed in the proper classification. To register your team, please click here Travel Team Registration.


3.  HBL requires that all teams (except HBL Sponsored teams) to provide proof of insurance during the registration process.  All field requests will be denied unless proof of insurance has been received. Please send a scanned copy of your team's insurance to  .  Additionally, to use non-complex fields the following must be named on your insurance: Wood Road Fire House (for WR Firehouse Field), Township of Hillsborough (all township-owned fields).  If these entities are not named on your policy your registration will be denied.


4.  HBL requires all requests to be placed through the HBL website.  Requests shall not be considered approved until an email from the HBL stating such has been received.   


5. Please check the HBL Website prior to requesting a field to ensure that it is indeed available.  Requests for reserved fields will be denied.


6.  HBL will have leagues during the 2013 Season that may need to make-up games lost to weather.  HBL will make every effort to schedule these games on open fields, but it also reserves the right to move teams in order to satisfy its league-sponsored schedule when necessary.  Once the field has been assigned for a game, HBL will not reassign the team to a different field unless the field is needed for a make-up HBL In-Town League Game. Fields assigned for practices maybe bumped to accommodate games.  We ask that every one be understanding of the difficulty of scheduling travel games and the need for them to take precedent over a practice.


7. Time limits on each field will be prescribed into the approval and are as follows: 

  • Sunday: Willow Road Complex 12:00 PM, 2:30 PM & 5:00PM and all Township fields will have a 9:30AM time slot as well
  • Standard practice duration will be 2 hours, games will be 2.5 hours but may be changed according to availability. 
  • All other time requests will be denied.


Preseaon Practice Time Slots  
​9:30AM, 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM & 5:30PM

8.  If you do not plan on using the field, please send an email directly to . 

9. If fields are closed by HBL or by the Hillsborough Township, then absolutely no players may be on the field. Please check the HBL website for complex closings and the Hillsborough Recreation Website for all other field closings.

Managers wishing to trade fields may do so provided both parties agree. Notification of change must be sent to 
  . via email and both managers should be copied on the email. 

11. Due to limitation placed on HBL by Hillsborough Township on the Willow Road Complex on Sundays, players may not be enter the Willow Rd Complex until  11AM. 


12. We have a limited number of Sundays we can use all of the fields at the Complex (1-6 only;  #7 is not impacted). 
  • On 3-Field Sunday's only 3 of our 6 fields may be in use at any give time. This a Hillsborough Township rule that we must adhere to.  
  • Any teams found on fields when they have been designated as open may be banned from future use of the complex.  
  • All Field Sundays are currently TBD.

    Note:  AVM-1 has been converted to a baseball only field and can reserved through the Hillsborough Baseball League.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to these rules.  Here’s to a great season.


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